The Church Guide for Making Decisions Together

The Church Guide for Making Decisions Together
Author Julia Kuhn Wallace
Author Terence Corkin
Publisher Abingdon Press
Publication Date 5/2017
Binding Book - Paperback
ISBN 9781501838071
Retail Price $24.99
Discount Price $16.79 (33% discount)
Recent political events in the USA indicate that ordinary people are
weary of traditional politics and ways of doing business in the halls of
power. A similar mood is present in churches around the world. Ordinary
church members are tired of the fighting and politicking that seem to
privilege the same people all the time. They want a new way of making
decisions in their churches and in their representative meetings. This
book shows them how such a hope can be realized.

Robert’s Rules of Order, or the traditional parliamentary style of
decision-making used in many churches, can work for simple decisions
that are aggregated and passed by consent. For complex and divisive
issues, churches need a decision process that does not result in a
combative, winner-take-all approach to church life. A healthy church
also tries to involve commitment from a wide range of stakeholders
rather than privilege a few well-informed and capable speakers. A vital
and healthy congregation yearns for a more collaborative, respectful,
encouraging, engaging, and empowering process.

This book on discernment in the church provides a step-by-step guide on
how to create a new way of working together. Drawing on tried and tested
processes, it advocates for a consensus building approach and showing
people how it can work in their setting (local church or judicatory
meetings). Readers will learn how to design a consensus building
business process for their church meeting while still respecting the
denominational and legal requirements under which they must operate.

This book is for leaders, members of church boards and committees, and
church members who know that there is something wrong with the present
system but don’t know what to do about it. This guidebook is hopeful,
inspiring, and practical.