Protestant Worship

A Multisensory Introduction for Students and Practitioners

Protestant Worship
Author Prof O. Wesley Allen JR.
Publisher Abingdon Press
Publication Date 9/2019
Binding Book - Paperback
ISBN 9781501842658
Retail Price $41.99
Discount Price $15.49 (63% discount)
Students and leaders of worship strive to plan and lead worship well, in all sorts of circumstances. They and their fellow worshippers seek to experience a deep connection with God and with each other. In some ways, worship is about just that: connection. Protestant Worship: A Multisensory Introduction for Students and Practitioners teaches and actually demonstrates how the actions, reactions, outpourings and responses of a worship service are all part of a powerfully interwoven and ever-evolving whole.

Author Wes Allen uses the analogy of physics--with its concepts of the big bang, time, space, matter, energy and chaos--to teach beginning and practicing worship leaders the fundamentals of Protestant worship. The enhanced e-book version offers photos, graphics and even videos demonstrating the book’s key content. Readers can immediately see examples of infant baptism in a contemporary service, for instance. Readers will gain understanding and build skill, to lead worship well.

Many worship textbooks are written from a high liturgical perspective, weighted toward historical tradition; this approach often seems irrelevant for students and worship designers who will be planning and leading worship in the evolving twenty-first century church. Other books lean toward the most basic “how-to”, emphasizing contemporary and practical aspects of worship leadership, but offering little historical or theological foundation beyond scripture. Protestant Worship provides a rich and deep foundation, and practical and immediately useful instruction.