She: Streaming Video Session 5

Five Keys to Unlock the Power of Women in Ministry

She: Streaming Video Session 5
Author Karoline M. Lewis
Publisher Abingdon Press
Publication Date 2/2017
Binding Digital Media
ISBN 9781501842757
Retail Price $3.99
Women in ministry experience unique challenges in their church settings which continue to hinder their vocational, professional, and personal success. Women in ministry need a trusted and comprehensive resource not only to be able to survive but to thrive in their places of call. She provides theoretical, theological, and practical frameworks and strategies for flourishing as a woman in ministry and engages critical reflection on the practice of ministry in light of current feminist theory, biblical interpretation, and experience.

The DVD with Facilitator Guide includes video presentations by the warm, funny, engaging author, shot in a beautiful church setting. The video segments include an Introduction, brief segment starters for each part of the study, and a Conclusion. The facilitator’s guide is included in the DVD.

The study is best suited for a retreat or conference setting, but can be done in segments over a period of days or weeks if necessary.