Christianity's Family Tree Planning Kit

What Other Christians Believe and Why

Christianity's Family Tree Planning Kit
Author Rev. Adam Hamilton
Publisher Abingdon Press
Publication Date 4/2017
Binding Kit
ISBN 9781501856327
Retail Price $59.99
Discount Price $47.99 (20% discount)
Why do Orthodox Christians use icons in worship? What is the “baptism in the Holy Spirit” that Pentecostals speak about? Why do Roman Catholics focus on the Eucharist in worship? What do Lutherans teach us about salvation? What do Presbyterians teach us about God’s power? How can Episcopalians deepen our prayer life? What can Baptists teach us about living for Christ?

Adam Hamilton will begin answering these questions and more in this eight-session, video-and-book study. Participants will learn of the history, theology, and distinctive emphases of eight different Christian denominations and faith traditions. For each tradition, participants will hear from a clergy member of that tradition and look at Scriptures that have shaped that faith. Churches that purchase the study will be given tools and sermon starters to create a congregation-wide emphasis, shaping worship around elements of each denomination as it is studied.

The eight sessions are:

Orthodoxy: Mystery, Liturgy, and Tradition
Catholicism: Sacrament and Mass
Lutheranism: Word and Faith
Presbyterianism: The Sovereignty of God
Anglicanism: Common Prayer
Baptists: Baptism, Conversion, and Scripture
Pentecostalism: The Power of the Spirit
Methodists: People of the Extreme Center

This planning kit contains one of each component: DVD, Participant's Book, Leader's Guide and Pastor's Guide with CD-ROM.