Worship Like Jesus

A Guide for Every Follower

Worship Like Jesus
Author Constance M. Cherry
Publisher Abingdon Press
Publication Date 10/2019
Binding Book - Paperback
ISBN 9781501881473
Retail Price $18.99
Discount Price $13.49 (29% discount)
Worship in local churches has changed dramatically over the past fifty years, not only in North America but in many places on every continent. Have these widespread and varying shifts left us with vague or even false impressions of what the weekly worship event is all about? Do followers of Jesus Christ grasp the importance of their role in worship? Do they know how to become fully engaged participants? Do they realize Jesus himself is our best guide and model for worship?

Worship Like Jesus guides Christ-followers through the essential features of Christian worship, transforming the reader’s understanding and experience of worship. This leads people—even entire congregations—to experience worship in exciting and profound ways as never before. This type of worship also leads people into deeper and more committed discipleship. Imagine a community of fully engaged, deeply committed disciples!

Revered author and scholar Constance Cherry offers this practical and foundational resource for ministry leaders and their worship communities.

Each chapter follows the same helpful structure:

Description of the chapter topic and its importance
Discovery of Jesus’s own practice
Deliberation or reflection on how Jesus’s model makes a difference
Determination—readers consider how their worship will be shaped as a result of this chapter; includes questions for reflection

At the end of each chapter, an exercise is suggested to help people take a practical step toward greater participation and engagement.

A Leader Guide is included as an Appendix. This equips pastors, worship leaders and others to facilitate group study of the book. It is a powerful tool for transforming leadership teams and entire congregations.