Embody - eBook

Five Keys to Leading with Integrity

Embody - eBook
Author Karoline M. Lewis
Publisher Abingdon Press
Publication Date 8/2020
Binding E-Book
ISBN 9781501899430
Retail Price $18.99
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Pastors and other leaders feel trapped in systems and institutions where actions and decisions often seem to have little to do with the scripture they read or the theology they profess. They are swept into leadership norms that resemble business models more than mission. They see in others and (sometimes) recognize in themselves the disconnect between their own theology and their leadership. They feel unable to fully integrate their beliefs with their behavior.

Many leaders—younger ones, especially—are frustrated and disillusioned by this disconnect. They see hypocrisy all around them, and in themselves. They see that our culture is at a critical juncture, which gives ministry a greater sense of urgency. But they want to do things differently, to be what they believe. They want to embody their Christian beliefs in every decision, every act of ministry leadership.

The functional authority of scripture must be evident in the way church leaders lead, both within the congregation and in the public square. lead our churches. The way we church leaders lead proves the bible does—or does not—matter. In Embody, Karoline Lewis shows how to frame leadership in the church and public square theologically, and from the perspective of incarnation. She shows how leadership can be a direct line between what you believe and what you do. She incorporates examples of Jesus' leadership and the Paraclete in the Gospel of John, showing how leadership was achieved by walking beside.

Embody offers practical things for the reader to consider and do, instruction and guidance for how to make the ‘integration steps’ necessary in order to become an embodied leader, and exploration of core components of embodied leadership.