Professional Pastoral and Spiritual Care

A Practical Clergy and Chaplain's Handbook

Professional Pastoral and Spiritual Care
Author Rabbi Stephen B. Roberts
Publication Date 11/2011
Binding Book - Hardback
ISBN 9781594733123
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This is the first comprehensive resource for pastoral and spiritual care a vital resource for clergy, seminarians, pastoral counselors and caregivers of all faith traditions. It integrates the classic foundations of pastoral care with the latest approaches on spiritual care. It is specifically intended for professionals who work in acute care hospitals, behavioral health facilities, rehabilitation centers and long-term care facilities.

Offering the latest theological perspectives and tools, along with basic theory and skills from the best pastoral and spiritual care texts, research and concepts, the contributors to this resource are innovators in their fields and represent Christianity, Judaism, Islam and more. Topics include:

The Theology of Pastoral and Spiritual Care What is it and how is different than pastoral counseling? How do you create a theology to do pastoral/spiritual care?

The Process of Pastoral and Spiritual Care The general theory behind pastoral/spiritual care;