That They May Be One?

The Episcopal United Methodist Dialogue

That They May Be One?
Edited by Bishop C. Franklin Brookhart
Edited by Bishop Gregory Palmer
Publication Date 3/2014
Binding Book - Paperback
ISBN 9781596272606
Retail Price $16.95
• First book to directly explore this evolving relationship, its potential and its challenges

• Well-respected volume editors are bishops in their respective denominations

• Of interest to a wide range of ecumenical scholars

The Episcopal Church and United Methodist Church are developing an official relationship, working toward mutual recognition of ministry and Eucharistic presidency.

Bishops Brookhart and Palmer, in addition to being leaders in their respective denominations, are close personal friends, bringing a deeper level of connection to this developing relationship. Here, they curate an intriguing collection of essays by a variety of gifted writers, who uncover and chart the historical, theological, ecclesiological, and practical aspects of a more intentional shared ministry.