Wesley, Wesleyans, and Reading Bible as Scripture

Wesley, Wesleyans, and Reading Bible as Scripture
Author David F. Watson
Author Joel B. Green
Publication Date 10/2012
Binding Book - Paperback
ISBN 9781602586277
Retail Price $39.95

The theology of John Wesley has proven exceedingly influential in the religious and spiritual lives of Wesley's followers and his critics. However, Wesley did not leave behind a written doctrine on scripture. This collection presents an array of diverse approaches to understanding John Wesley's charge to read and interpret the Bible as scripture. Contributors move beyond the work of Wesley himself to discuss how Wesleyan communities have worked to address the difficult scriptural--and theological--conundrums of their time and place.

With contributions from William J. Abraham, Justo L. Gonzalez, Joel B. Green, Elaine A. Heath, Randy L. Maddox, Karen B. Westerfield Tucker, Jason E. Vickers, Laceye Warner, David F. Watson, Kenneth J. Collins, Robert W. Wall, Reginald Broadnax, Meesaeng Lee Choi, Hunn Choi, Douglas M. Koskela, D. Brent Laytham, Steven J. Koskie, and Michael Pasquarello III, Wesley, Wesleyans, and Reading Bible as Scripture ultimately attempts to underscore what it means to stand in the Wesleyan stream and bring about holiness through--and within--daily occurrences."