Good Stewardship, Greater Generosity

Author Clayton L. Smith
Foreword by Rev. Adam Hamilton
Publisher Abingdon Press
Publication Date 3/2015
Binding Book - Paperback
ISBN 9781630883683
Retail Price $17.99
Discount Price $15.29 (15% discount)

Pastors and other church leaders often feel ill-equipped in the critical area of stewardship and giving. Propel: Good Stewardship, Greater Generosity fills that need by offering a comprehensive course in church stewardship for the pastor, stewardship leader, or seminarian. Author Clayton Smith gives clear instructions for the organization and implementation of annual campaigns, planned giving programs, memorial gifts, and much more. He offers an extraordinary depth and breadth of practical information along with the wisdom that comes with decades of real church leadership experience.

“Every pastor should have a copy of Propel readily at hand all year long. It is as complete a guide to all phases of Christian financial stewardship as exists today. I highly recommend it because of the excellent content but also because of the author. Clayton Smith has been a student of financial stewardship all his life. I am thrilled that now others may learn from him. I wish I had this book forty years ago when I started out. Propel will make a difference in your ministry!”  —J. Clif Christopher, President and CEO, Horizons Stewardship Company

“As leaders, we often know we must do something differently, but we are not sure what or how. Clayton Smith propels us forward. This amazing resource identifies the many wayswe can lead our congregations into a bright future. Smith’s strategies and methods for generosity apply to every church leader, any size church, and all denominations. This is more than a stewardship or finance book. It helps build a culture in which Christians can become the generous people they are intended to be.”  —Donald W. Joiner, Director of Operations and Stewardship, General Board of Discipleship

“Propel demystifies the practices of generosity and stewardship in local congregations. It is both a scholarly guide for pastors and a detailed handbook for lay leaders. Smith covers giving of all varieties and offers proven techniques that work in churches of all sizes and contexts. Propel is a valuable guide for every leader, clergy or lay, who sees generosity as an inescapable element of Christian discipleship.” —Byrd L. Bonner, AIF, President, United Methodist Church Foundation

"Clayton Smith in his wonderful book Propel: Good Stewardship, Greater Generosity, describes six different ways to help people grow in their giving."  Margaret Marcuson, Marcuson Leadership Circle