Treasure Streaming Video Session 1

A Four-Week Study on Faith and Money

Treasure Streaming Video Session 1
Author Jacob Armstrong
Publisher Abingdon Press
Publication Date 7/2014
Binding Digital Media
ISBN 9781630884918
Retail Price $4.99
Whether you are in plenty or in want, money has a direct connection to your values, your faith, and the health of your relationships. It’s no wonder that in the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus presented a radical message about our “treasure” and our hearts. In this four-week stewardship program and church-wide study, Jacob Armstrong uses Matthew 6 to reexamine how we look at our finances and possessions, through the counter-cultural teachings of the Sermon on the Mount.

Jesus reminds us that our hearts follow our treasure. Consider where you are investing your time, energy, and money. Is there disconnect related to where you are currently investing and where God is calling you to invest in this life? All sessions are closed captioned.

Run Time: 5:44

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