Listen Streaming Video Session 5

Praying in a Noisy World

Listen Streaming Video Session 5
Author Bishop Rueben P. Job
Publisher Abingdon Press
Publication Date 7/2014
Binding Digital Media
ISBN 9781630884994
Retail Price $4.99
We live in a world of noise. Everywhere we go, we hear sounds that compete for our minds and hearts. Listening to God requires a deliberate choice to shut out the chaos around us and focus our thoughts. Listen, by Rueben P. Job, offers help to those new to prayer, those with a daily prayer routine, and those whose lives seem too busy to pray. With a focus on listening prayer and prayer as a two-way conversation, the experience will assist individuals and groups in building and deepening a personal prayer practice and spiritual discernment.

Inviting God in to the work of our lives through prayer leads and guides our every decision. How has God guided your journey and reminded you of his ever-present love?

Run Time: 10:15

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