The Difficult Words of Jesus

A Beginner's Guide to His Most Perplexing Teachings

The Difficult Words of Jesus
Author Amy-Jill Levine
Publisher Abingdon Press
Publication Date 8/2021
Binding Book - Paperback
ISBN 9781791007577
Retail Price $17.99
Discount Price $13.49 (25% discount)
Examine the most difficult teachings of Jesus with Dr. Amy-Jill Levine.

Jesus provided his disciples teachings for how to follow Torah, God’s word; he told them parables to help them discern questions of ethics and of human nature; he offered them beatitudes for comfort and encouragement. But sometimes Jesus spoke words that followers then and now have found difficult. He instructs disciples to hate members of their own families (Luke 14:26), to act as if they were slaves (Matthew 20:27), and to sell their belongings and give to the poor (Luke 18:22). He restricts his mission (Matthew 10:6); he speaks of damnation (Matthew 8:12); he calls Jews the devil’s children (John 8:44).

In The Difficult Words of Jesus, Amy-Jill Levine shows how these difficult teachings would have sounded to the people who first heard them, how have they been understood over time, and how we might interpret them in the context of the Gospel of love and reconciliation.

Additional components for a six-week study include a DVD featuring Dr. Levine and a comprehensive Leader Guide.