Will You Pray with Me

A Guide for Those Who Pray in Public

Will You Pray with Me
Author Anne Williams
Author Steven Langhofer
Publisher Abingdon Press
Publication Date 9/2021
Binding Book - Paperback
ISBN 9781791013431
Retail Price $18.99
Discount Price $8.49 (55% discount)
Learn to capably lead others in prayer, in any setting, on any occasion.

Leading congregations and other groups in prayer is a significant challenge for many pastors and other ministry leaders. What to say, and how to say it? Most public pray-ers have received very little training and have not had the chance to develop deep skills. Some folks attack the task with little or no preparation, simply winging it, and usually sensing they have not quite hit the mark. Others furiously try to prepare but become frustrated or overwhelmed. No wonder there’s such anxiety about this topic.

Will You Pray with Me is a short course, in book form, for all who lead others in prayer. The authors teach methods and techniques for writing and leading prayers in traditional church services, special services, for hospital visits, in impromptu situations, and in many other less conventional spaces and circumstances. They include multiple examples of different types of prayer, with analysis alongside the prayer texts to help the reader understand what the methods look like in ‘real life’.

The book begins with a set of basic principles, the essential skills and strategies for leading prayer. Subsequent chapters cover writing techniques, tips and habits for effective delivery of prayers aloud, and guidance for specific challenges, including prayer during times of social distancing and pandemic. Also included is a rich selection of prayers for readers to use in their own church services or other settings, or for personal devotion.

Will You Pray with Me is for pastors, chaplains, congregational care ministers, ministry leaders, and students in seminary or other ministry training courses.