Coming Alive

Daily Meditations for Spiritual Renewal

Coming Alive
Author Steve Harper
Publisher Abingdon Press
Publication Date 11/2022
Binding Book - Paperback
ISBN 9781791027865
Retail Price $22.99
Discount Price $12.49 (46% discount)
A spiritual practice for serious-minded (but busy) people.

Everyone needs renewal, even the most committed among us. The spiritual life requires regular practice and a bit of time. Coming Alive: Daily Meditations for Spiritual Renewal offers five brief meditations each week for focused reading, reflection, and prayer. Each entry centers on a passage of scripture or spiritual writing. The meditations are deep, insightful, and beautifully simple, as readers have come to expect from Steve Harper’s writing. This timeless book offers a gently challenging daily habit, which leads to renewal of spirit and mind.

Coming Alive features
- Brief readings, about 10 minutes per day
- Undated readings, so readers can determine their own pattern of practice
- Spiritual depth and wisdom from ancient and contemporary sources
- Foreword by Brian McLaren

From the Foreword:

“Steve Harper's new book beautifully focuses in on the real core of the spiritual life: Not dogma, not rules and regulations, not duties or guilt, not pressure or obligation ... but life, life to the full, what I like to call aliveness.

--Brian McLaren