Doing Justice Together

Fresh Expressions Pathways for Healing in Your Church

Doing Justice Together
Author Michael Adam Beck
Author Stephanie Moore Hand
Publisher Abingdon Press
Publication Date 2/2024
Binding Book - Paperback
ISBN 9781791032791
Retail Price $17.99
Discount Price $13.49 (25% discount)
Transform your church with grace.

Doing Justice Together introduces a process using Scripture as a souce of inspiration and instruction for pastors and church people to move through together, to re-envision and reorient themselves away from old, harmful habits. Beck and Hand show pastors how they can, over time, lead the congregation to become a place where racial harmony, justice, and liberation are intrinsic to the structure and life of the church. The authors lay out four pathways for discerning and correcting the unjust patterns that often sneak into church life unnoticed. They also share other leaders’ stories from a variety of settings where this process has led to healing, revival, and hope.

Following the pathways, pastors and congregants will be equipped to thoughtfully transform their church. They’ll make changes with grace and care, honoring and including longtime members. And they’ll begin new ministries—perhaps reaching people they could never have imagined reaching before--becoming a fresh expression of church in their community.