Mary Had a Little Lamb Download

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Mary Had a Little Lamb Download
Publisher Abingdon Press
Publication Date 2/2011
Binding Digital Media
ISBN 9790300602899
Retail Price $9.00
"Mary Had a Little Lamb" (Download Only Resource)
Themes: A New Heaven and A New Earth, Return and Reign of the Lord

Each Worship & Song digital bundle includes:
  • Pew Edition PDF - designed for congregational use
  • Singer's Edition PDF - includes two-, three-, and four-part harmonies, descants, and optional endings
  • Accompaniment Edition PDF - features keyboard parts that support the melody and harmonies included in the Singer's Edition
  • Lead Shee PDF - includes melody line, text, and chords for guitar or other instrumentalists
  • Presentation files - includes two PowerPoint files. One containing the song lyrics on a blank background and another with the lyrics in front of a worshipful image.
Permission is granted to purchaser to use these items on one occasion of worship in one location (e.g., services on the Third Sunday of Advent at First United Methodist Church) and to make copies sufficient for the congregants and the performers on that occasion.

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"Mary Had a Little Lamb"
Worship & Song #3190
WORDS: Herbert Brokering
MUSIC: Jackson Henry
Words © 2003 Augsburg Fortress; music © 2009 Jackson Henry