October 2021 Recap: Articles on Rural and Small Churches

October 26th, 2021

 A collection of articles about rural and small churches published in October 2021

Tyler Kleeberger

The good news of complete desperation

Sidney Everhart

Count your blessings: how churches thrive with assets

Michael Adam Beck

Circles that heal: fresh expressions of the rural church

Allen T. Stanton

A better way to talk about rural churches

Rebekah Simon-Peter

Small church worship and education options during pandemic

Anne Williams

The power of public pastoral prayer in worship

Blake Bradford

Leading the small church from the porch swing

Jason Byassee

The modest expectations of a rural pastor

Jonathan Lemaster-Smith

How to help country church folk feel like they matter

Rebekah Simon-Peter

Three big skills every small-church pastor needs

Allen T. Stanton

Rural Churches and COVID Vaccinations

Jim Patterson / UM News

Post-COVID focus on seniors in small churches

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