Promise for Haiti

May 21st, 2014

As the seventh of nine children born to a lay Baptist minister in Haiti, young Guy Theodore would often go with his father by donkey to visit the sick and dying people around Pignon. His father would pray with the sick and dispense medication purchased with his own money. Guy often saw children die from treatable illnesses but there was no doctor. Young Guy asked his father if he could ever become a doctor. His father told him it was possible with the Lord’s help and blessing. So there, in the mountains, they got down off their donkey and Guy prayed aloud asking that the Lord would give him the wisdom and intelligence to become a doctor and promising that he would come back to Pignon and help the sick and dying if God would provide a way.

“Wherever I am, I will come back to Pignon and do Your work.”

God answered that prayer in amazing ways and Guy was able to attend school in Port au Prince and complete a surgical residency in New York City. He was about to invest in a new home and set up an already successful practice when in a dream, he was reminded of the promise he made to return to Haiti. “Guy, have you forgotten your promise to the Lord?” He saw the hollow eyes of dying children and knew he must return to Pignon. He had to honor his promise to the Lord and to his father.

The dream became a reality when Guy founded Christian Mission of Pignon (now called Promise for Haiti) and seven years later Hospital Bienfaisance was built on the site where Dr. Guy was born. This hospital not only provides medical care, but brings hope for the entire region. When you support Promise for Haiti, you are supporting a promise made and a promise kept that has truly made life changing differences to the 145,000 people who live in the north and central plateau of Haiti.

Under Dr. Guy Theodore's leadership and with the help of hundreds of volunteers and supporters, this vision has become a reality. The Comite Bienfaisance de Pignon (CBP), a locally elected committee of community leaders, presides over the mission, defining its vision and setting direction that is realized in its programs and projects. There is now a 65 bed hospital and six clinics, including an extensive public health program.

The vision has expanded beyond healthcare to the provision of clean water (building and maintaining hundreds of wells), education (building nine primary schools and establishment of a large scholarship program) and programs for agricultural and economic development. The entire region around Pignon has been blessed by the realization of this "promise made" and "a promise kept".

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