Interview: Mike Slaughter — Renegade Gospel

Shane Raynor interviews Mike Slaughter, lead pastor of Ginghamsburg Church and author of “Renegade Gospel: The Rebel Jesus.” (Questions and times below)


1:49 What do you mean by "renegade gospel"?
3:21 Why are so many young people today choosing religions other than Christianity?
8:27 Why does Christianity grow so fast in places where it's illegal?
10:25 In your new book, you discuss the heresy of the nation-state. How is that in play in America right now?
14:56 What is privatized faith and how is it hurting Christianity?
17:25 You've said that the church has turned Jesus into a "safe" Jesus or a "Sunday School" Jesus. How do we present him as a "rebel" Jesus?
20:23 Do churches need to rethink church membership?
22:49 In "Renegade Gospel," you write about a question that you call "the most important question we'll ever have to answer." What is that question?
25:56 What is the power of expectation and why is it important when we're trying to see Jesus today?
29:23 Is doubt a positive thing or a negative thing?
30:52 How do we encounter the resurrected Jesus in 2015?
32:04 As a United Methodist, what are your hopes for the 2016 General Conference?

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