Wakanda and the Word: Reflections on 'Black Panther' and spiritual formation

March 8th, 2018

In this series of podcasts, Marilyn E. Thornton invites speakers — Victor Leon Cyrus-Franklin, Amanishakhete James, Tamara Lewis, Cecilia Olusola Tribble, Matthew Charlton, Idongesit Mkpong-Ruffin, Damien Durr and Joseph Tribble — to weigh in on topics in the movie Black Panther and explain how various themes connect spiritually and culturally.

Introduction and initial reactions

The cultures and heritages in Black Panther: Part 1

Effects on young people

Wakanda: Utopia, paradise or home

Culture Part 2: Gifting of beauty, blackness, technology and grace

A multi-layered humanity

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