The Church is Dying

by Jacob Armstrong
There is a statement I hear a lot in the circles I run in. It goes something like this.  “The church is dying.”   I don’t know how that… read more

Welcoming Special Needs Families

by Jason Wert
What would you do if, while you were praying during a church service, somebody tapped your shoulder and you turn to see your special needs child being wheeled out of the… read more

John Q. Finds Welcome Trumps All

by John Q. Visitor
Just as secret shoppers help retailers know what real customers are experiencing in their stores, John (or Jane) Q. Visitor offers the real view from the pew in congregations… read more

Success Out of Failure

by Greg Surratt
This week in Ministry Matters' video series featuring pastors and ministry leaders across America is Greg Surratt, lead pastor of multisite pioneer Seacoast Church, with locations … read more

Aging and Church Challenges

by Missy Buchanan
I have a confession. I have had spies at many of the United Methodist Church’s annual conferences during the last few weeks. Well, I guess they weren’t really spies… read more

5 Keys to Denominational Survival

by Shane Raynor
USA Today reported last week on the decline of the Southern Baptist denomination. Last year, Southern Baptist churches baptized around 5% fewer people than in the preceding year… read more
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