John Q. Gets Red Carpet Treatment

by John Q. Visitor
Just as secret shoppers help retailers know what real customers are experiencing in their stores, John (or Jane) Q. Visitor offers the real view from the pew in congregations… read more

Just Tell Me What to Think

by Matt Appling
A lot of people are trying to “detox” from evangelicalism. That means that people are taking a second look at our previous “assumptions” about… read more

Embracing Disability in Congregations

by Amy Saffell
Although most of my days are filled with the busyness of a career and the joy of friends, family, and fun, part of having a disability for me has meant doctor’s… read more

Is This a Bible-Believing Church?

by Martin Thielen
A man recently asked me, “Is your church a Bible-believing church?” My first response was, “Yes, we are a Bible-believing church.” For example, I told him… read more

What Is Church?

by Curtis Zackery
Curtis Zackery combines a passion for communication with a desire to see lives changed for Jesus Christ. His energetic stage presence, charismatic persona, and ability to connect… read more

Good Growth

by Jessica Miller Kelley
The church I grew up in has doubled in size since my time there in the 80s and 90s. I'm not great at estimating numbers, but I would say there were 500-750 members fifteen years… read more
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