Desiring the Undesirables: Compassionate Ministry with the Hungry and Homeless

by Rudy Rasmus
Where did we ever get the notion that certain people—created out of the same substance as the rest of us—could be considered “undesirable” in the church?… read more

Offering Christ in a Culture of Fear

by Dan R. Dick
Terror and tragedy gripped the churchgoing population of Knoxville, Tennessee and rippled across the country on July 27, 2008 as reports spread of a violent shotgun attack at a… read more

Primitive Hospitality

by Neil M. Alexander
pri m∙i∙tive primary, as distinguished from secondary. original. elemental. It came like a lightening bolt. News of our colleague's apparent suicide left us limp… read more

Radical Hospitality: The First Practice of Fruitful Congregations

by Robert Schnase
Vibrant, fruitful, growing congregations practice radical hospitality. Christian hospitality is the active desire to invite, welcome, receive, and care for those who are strangers … read more

Under One Roof: Opening Our Doors to a Multi-Ethnic Community

by Bill Gates
Every weekend is Pentecost at Parkrose United Methodist Church. When you pass by our doors, you may wonder, “Who are these people?” At times you will hear the… read more

Welcoming the Stranger

by Mark M. Nakagawa
In a society that is becoming increasingly mobile, and where world-wide migration patterns of immigrants and refugees guarantee a constantly changing and diverse society, United… read more
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