In Babylon: Holy Living Amidst Empire

by Walter Brueggemann
Our capacity to let the Bible be contemporary among us depends on spotting imaginative analogies between our time and ancient time. One such analogue is the notion that Christians … read more

The Unexpected Adventure

by Lee Strobel, Mark Mittelberg
When we seize opportunities to talk with others about Jesus, days that start out dull and tedious can quickly blossom into exciting escapades. Written for today‚Äôs… read more

Welcoming Time Share Christians

by Gil Rendle
With uncommon clarity, the Episcopal rector listened to the complaints from the leaders of the children's Christian education program. They were frustrated with curriculum that… read more

Preaching to Contemporary Culture

by Mark Beeson
Every morning we wake up, it's 2008. We can wish it was 1952. We may long for the good old days. But like it or not, God has ordained that our preaching will be leveraged against… read more

Becoming a Contagious Church

by Mark Mittelberg
Discover a Proven Approach to Raising Your Church s Evangelistic Temperature Evangelism. It s one of the highest values in the church. So why do so few churches put real effort… read more

More Ready Than You Realize

by Brian D. McLaren
WARNING: This is not just another book on evangelism. It s a simple idea of evangelism through friendship first, and the opportunities to share your faith that follow. It will… read more
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