Reaching the Hip-Hop Generation

by Emanuel Cleaver III
It is no secret that young adults are noticeably missing in the pews of many Christian congregations around the country. Among this generation of missing in action churchgoers is… read more

Believers in Exile

by David Felten and Jeff Procter-Murphy
What do people do when they are no longer able to recite the historic creeds with integrity? Or when divorce, serious illness, or relationships with friends of different faiths or … read more

Reclaiming John Wesley's Holistic Salvation

by Randy L. Maddox
As John Wesley contemplated the mediocrity of moral character and the ineffectiveness in social impact of Christians in eighteenth-century England, he became convinced that a… read more

Future Christian Mission in Pagan Culture

by david king
The closest cultural comparison to North America today is Graeco-Roman society between about AD 41 and AD 235. This focuses on the period of Roman peace, prosperity, and mass… read more

Leadership in a Time of Change

by Jackson W. Carroll
Are You Resilient? Are You Agile? Are You Staying Connected? In research underway at Harvard, researchers are asking what makes it possible for persons to do good work, by… read more

Christianity in a Scientific Culture

by Henry H. Knight III
In popular culture, science and religion are often portrayed as irreconcilable antagonists. From Galileo to Darwin, the church is seen by many as perpetuating superstition and… read more
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