Christianity in a Scientific Culture

by Henry H. Knight III
In popular culture, science and religion are often portrayed as irreconcilable antagonists. From Galileo to Darwin, the church is seen by many as perpetuating superstition and… read more

What Do You Dream?: Parenting and Congregational Care of Teens

by Charles Scully Stikes
How often do we ask our children, “What do you dream?” Not asking that question was a mistake I used to make. Now, I ask quite regularly. My work involves helping… read more

Four Doors of Wesleyan Evangelism

by Jack Jackson
Some of my best and worst experiences as a pastor center on evangelism. I’ll never forget when one of our most faithful women was walking through the church neighborhood… read more

How a 200-Year-Old, Declining, County Seat Church Got Its Groove Back

by Martin Thielen
“This is a different church,” exclaimed Randy after the early worship service. “I barely recognize the place!” Randy, a former member of our congregation… read more

Coffee Shop Conversations

by Dale Fincher, Jonalyn Fincher
A 2008 study released by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life notes that the number of people creating their own interpretations of faith and culture is growing. Seems like… read more

Welcoming Visitors with Children

by Rita Hays
Jeff and Sally Wright are the parents of newborn baby Zack and they are visiting your church for the first time. Jeff and Sally may come away from their visit to your congregation … read more
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