Accidental Tourist

by Rob Weber
“Tourists” from outside the church exist in the balconies of our sanctuaries and in the balconies of our daily lives, watching in various ways and for various… read more

Cross-Cultural Mission in Congregations

by Carlos F. Cardoza-Orlandi
How can we prepare our communities for cross-cultural mission, whether cross-cultural short-term mission trips, cross-cultural mission in our own communities, or mission in… read more

See With New Eyes

by Cynthia l. Brown
When people see me for the first time, what do you think they see? What did you see when you saw my picture? The valedictorian of her high school class? A summa cum laude… read more

Cultural Differences in Funeral Customs

by Kathy Black
Sally, a Euro-American, is pastor of a multicultural congregation. When the mother of a Vietnamese parishioner in her church died, she knew nothing about the evening service… read more

Who is My Neighbor? Demographic Tools for Your Community

by Jessica Miller Kelley
How much do you know about the neighborhood surrounding your church? If you are newly appointed, or the demographics of the area have recently shifted, it’s possible your… read more

Church for the Broken: Reaching the Sinners and the Skeptics

by Derrick-Lewis Noble
“Pastor Noble, you have GOT to see this!” The man calling out to me is normally rather sedate, so I can’t ignore this expression of rare and inexplicable… read more
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