Cultural Differences in Funeral Customs

by Kathy Black
Sally, a Euro-American, is pastor of a multicultural congregation. When the mother of a Vietnamese parishioner in her church died, she knew nothing about the evening service… read more

Who is My Neighbor? Demographic Tools for Your Community

by Jessica Miller Kelley
How much do you know about the neighborhood surrounding your church? If you are newly appointed, or the demographics of the area have recently shifted, it’s possible your… read more

Church for the Broken: Reaching the Sinners and the Skeptics

by Derrick-Lewis Noble
“Pastor Noble, you have GOT to see this!” The man calling out to me is normally rather sedate, so I can’t ignore this expression of rare and inexplicable… read more

Marketing the UMC: Interview with UMCom's Larry Hollon

by Shane Raynor
General Conference 2008 approved the launch of the UMC’s newest ad campaign, Rethink Church. United Methodist Communications has led the way, reminding people inside and… read more

QUIZ: How family-friendly is your church?

by Rita Hays
Check the statements that accurately describe your children’s ministries. ___ We provide a nursery for infants and small children.___ Our nursery is regularly staffed with… read more

Welcoming Visitors with Children

by Rita Hays
Jeff and Sally Wright are the parents of newborn baby Zack and they are visiting your church for the first time. Jeff and Sally may come away from their visit to your congregation … read more
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