Review: Beyond the Yellow Ribbon

by Jodi McCullah
Nearly every time I speak to a church or civic group about the stress and struggles that daily are faced by active duty military families, someone runs from the room in tears… read more

Power to God's People

by Jenny Youngman
Throughout history the world has seen monumental movements of an oppressed people rising up against corrupt leadership. Recently we’ve seen crowds in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen… read more

Marking Time: Sermon as Meeting Place

by Barbara K. Lundblad
For preachers, this third millennium can be an exhilarating time. The biblical text has been given back to us with its wild untamability intact. Preachers are invited to let the… read more

Beyond Cruise-Ship Evangelism

by Mike Slaughter
Strategic planning and programming during the height of the 1980s and ‘90s church growth era were driven by an “attractional” model of evangelism. The mantra was … read more

Running Low on Compassion Reserves

by Katie Z. Dawson
Everyone I talk to has their own take on how to best provide real financial resources to folks in need and in the past few weeks I have whittled these approaches down to three… read more

Young Adult Clergy: Called Beyond the Church

by Eric Van Meter
Not long ago, some friends and I watched as our denomination laid the mantle of ordination on thirty-three would-be pastors. We arrived at the service half an hour early, yet… read more
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