Reaching Out Like a New Church, Whatever Your Age!

by Jacob Armstrong
As I made the drive from my house to a local city park on the Saturday before Easter, I noticed church after church hosting their annual Easter egg hunts. The parking lots were… read more

Breaking The Cycle Of Poverty

by Don Mosley
“There they are, in those two old cars over there!” My wife pointed to the far corner of the parking lot, just a few feet from the busiest street in Athens, Ga. Two… read more

Charity is Not Enough

by Clayton Childers
I know what poverty looks like, at least to some degree. As a youth, I remember seeing the face of poverty in the children our church delivered Christmas presents to. The… read more

Immigrants in America: What Every Pastor Needs to Know

by Panravee Vongjaroenrat
Maria is from a remote village in Guatemala. She took her children, ages nine and sixteen, on a long trek through Mexico and into the United States to escape her cruel husband. He … read more

In Babylon: Holy Living Amidst Empire

by Walter Brueggemann
Our capacity to let the Bible be contemporary among us depends on spotting imaginative analogies between our time and ancient time. One such analogue is the notion that Christians … read more

Minimize Brick, Maximize Mission: Budgeting for Missional Mobility

by Mike Slaughter
Growing churches inevitably face space constraints. With growth comes the dilemma to build or not to build, where to build, and what to build. This is when we must honestly… read more
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