Blessed Are the Women

by Linda Bales
Freedom is something about which millions of women around the world dream. Freedom from fear. Freedom from disease. Freedom from oppression and hunger. In an ideal world, all of… read more

Creating an AIDS-Free World

by Donald E. Messer
God calls the church of Jesus Christ to join in partnership with persons around the world to work for an AIDS-free world. God is already at work in the world seeking with… read more

How Would Jesus Respond to People with AIDS?

by M. Kent Millard
Two years ago, a seminary student attending a Protestant seminary in northeast India shared with a trusted seminary professor that he had tested HIV positive. Obviously that… read more

Is AIDS a Judgment of God?

by Michael J. Christensen
People have been forced to cope with plagues and deadly disease for centuries. In every case, opportunities to respond with fear or courage were present. Apocalyptic and… read more

When Your Loved Ones Are Infected

by Fritz and Etta Mae Mutti
When a member of the family is infected with HIV, the whole family rides an emotional roller coaster. When two members of the family are living with AIDS, the roller coaster has… read more

Not a One-Night Stand: Reaching the Homeless and Marginalized

by John Flowers, Karen Vannoy
Throughout our ministry we have coordinated mission work and supported local cooperative efforts. Our volunteers would go to the mission site, cook and serve pancakes or… read more
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