The Gifted Pastor

by Kenneth H. Carter, Jr.
Every follower of Jesus Christ has a spiritual gift. This core truth is a corrective to many of our false assumptions about gifts, about ministry, about life. Some of us… read more

Preschool Spirituality

by Leanne Ciampa Hadley
I have spent my entire ministry studying, working with, and trying to understand the spiritual lives of children and how, as the church, we can best help them grow into adults who … read more

How a 200-Year-Old, Declining, County Seat Church Got Its Groove Back

by Martin Thielen
“This is a different church,” exclaimed Randy after the early worship service. “I barely recognize the place!” Randy, a former member of our congregation… read more

If Pandemic Strikes

by Kevin Ellers
Historically, there has perhaps never been a more visible display of the Church in action, loving and caring for people in distress, than its response to major disasters. I have… read more

Welcoming Visitors with Children

by Rita Hays
Jeff and Sally Wright are the parents of newborn baby Zack and they are visiting your church for the first time. Jeff and Sally may come away from their visit to your congregation … read more

Breaking The Cycle Of Poverty

by Don Mosley
“There they are, in those two old cars over there!” My wife pointed to the far corner of the parking lot, just a few feet from the busiest street in Athens, Ga. Two… read more
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