Recovering Scripture Memorization

by O.S. Hawkins
Biblical literacy and Bible study aren’t where they need to be. You can turn it around. The results are not encouraging for church leaders: Only about two-thirds of… read more

A Safe Place to Doubt

by Andrea Palpant Dilley
When I was in college, just entering the first stages of a faith crisis, I worked part time as a nanny for a widowed professor of church history who taught at the school I… read more

Experiencing the Mystery of God

by Judy Gattis Smith
It is an exciting thing to experience with your Sunday school class the awe and mystery of God. We have gotten quite good in our classes teaching facts. We are quite good at… read more

Meeting God in the Midst of Hectic Schedules

by Trish Archer
Think about it. Is your life ever like this? The winds of demands—programs to plan, to-do lists to complete, phone calls to make, e-mails to delete, and people to… read more

4 Keys to Practicing Your Faith

by Shane Raynor
The word practice means several things. In the religious sense, it means to follow or observe habitually or customarily. In the military or athletic sense it means to train or… read more

Receiving Welcome

by David O. Jenkins
What does it mean to give and receive welcome? What can we learn from it? Why is it risky? read more
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