Do Jews believe in resurrection of the dead?

By Rabbi Evan Moffic
The hardest chapter to write for my book on the Jewishness of Jesus was the one on resurrection. I tried to avoid it, but my editor insisted. Resurrection of the dead is not a… read more

What holds life together when everything is coming loose?

By James A. Harnish
Rely on the Cantus Firmus Watching the daily news, we would have good reason to identify with one of the angels in the Broadway play, “Green Pastures,” who sees the… read more

Digital privacy and faithful discipleship

By Mike Poteet
Last month a federal judge ordered Apple, Inc. to help the FBI retrieve encrypted data from an iPhone used by one of the shooters responsible for the December 2015 mass shooting… read more

Reaching into eternity

By Adam Thomas
Imagine with me a letter written by Lazarus, the friend whom Jesus brought back to life after four days in the tomb. To my dear sisters, Martha and Mary, by the hand of a trusted… read more


By Francis Asbury
A proud person makes his or her will the rule of actions and would have it be the rule of other people’s too. And other people being proud would have their wills be the rule … read more

Prophets, politics and Palm Sunday

By Jeanne Torrence Finley
Pope Francis and politics “When Pope Francis stands at the U.S.-Mexico border on Wednesday, he will bring a clarion message from the heart of the Judeo-Christian tradition… read more

Top o' the morning!

By Tiffany Manning
This coming Thursday is Saint Patrick’s Day, a day when we celebrate the heritage and culture of the Irish. Although commercially this holiday focuses on shamrocks and… read more

The Supreme Court and Christian faith

By Peter Surran
Justice Antonin Scalia The news of the passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia on February 13 has sent ripples all across the political world. Scalia, who served on the… read more

David: The other side of the story

By Dave Barnhart
I’m a sucker for sword-and-sandal movies, whether they are classics like The Ten Commandments or animated modern ones like The Prince of Egypt. So of course I'm watching… read more

Worship for Kids: May 1, 2016

By Carolyn C. Brown
From a Child's Point of View Gospel: John 14:23-29. This is a rich text, providing several themes that are important to children. All the themes are more powerful if the text is… read more

I thirst

By Matt Rawle
There once was a young boy playing football outside in the street all afternoon in the summertime heat. The streetlights, which stood as end-zone markers, began to glow as the… read more

Ethnic diversity and Christian faith

By Mike Poteet
Movie fans and celebrity watchers expect memorable moments from the Academy Awards. This year’s Oscars proved memorable long before the first statuette was handed out. For… read more
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