Worship for Kids: May 1, 2016

By Carolyn C. Brown
From a Child's Point of View Gospel: John 14:23-29. This is a rich text, providing several themes that are important to children. All the themes are more powerful if the text is… read more

I thirst

By Matt Rawle
There once was a young boy playing football outside in the street all afternoon in the summertime heat. The streetlights, which stood as end-zone markers, began to glow as the… read more

Ethnic diversity and Christian faith

By Mike Poteet
Movie fans and celebrity watchers expect memorable moments from the Academy Awards. This year’s Oscars proved memorable long before the first statuette was handed out. For… read more

Healing brokenness

By Adam Thomas
We live in a broken world: broken homes, broken promises, broken government, broken ecosystems. We’re used to brokenness. We learn to live with it. We hear about another… read more

Thoughtful Pastor: Lord's Prayer and wading pool theology

By Christy Thomas
Dear Thoughtful Pastor: Why is the Catholic Lord’s Prayer different from the Protestant Lord’s Prayer? What Protestants call the Lord’s Prayer and Catholics call … read more

Worship for Kids: April 17, 2016

By Carolyn C. Brown
From a Child's Point of View Gospel and Psalm: John 10:22-30 and Psalm 23. These passages are based on the image of God or Jesus as a good shepherd. It was a great image in Jesus' … read more

Worship for Kids: April 10, 2016

By Carolyn C. Brown
From a Child's Point of View Resurrection means new life. Today's texts include the stories of two people who received new chances at life from the resurrected Jesus; a psalm… read more

Remembering Julia Wilke, co-author of Disciple Bible Study

By Wini Grizzle
Hearts were deeply saddened on Friday, February 26, 2016, when the word came that Julia Wilke had departed this earth, as a result of complications during surgery. Julia, wife of… read more

Why the long face?

By Samantha Tidball
In a recent study conducted by researchers in the U.K. at Sussex University, it was discovered that horses are capable of distinguishing between happy and angry human emotions… read more

Why the pope is right and Russell Moore is wrong about the death penalty

By Jennifer Butler / Religion News Service
(RNS) Pope Francis continues his drumbeat for a global moratorium on the death penalty. This is a wake-up call not just for Catholics, but also for all Christian leaders and… read more

Pope Gregory makes the leap to leap year

By Kimberly Winston / Religion News Service
(RNS) February 29 happens every four years. Some people love it — an extra day to earn interest before tax day! — and others hate it — kids spend another day in… read more

Fasting from unnecessary spending

By Mike Slaughter
One of the Lenten practices I try to assume every year, no matter what other commitments I have made, is to fast from all unnecessary spending. Like so many others, I am not… read more
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