The art of faith

April 26th, 2020

Arts for the soul

It’s everywhere — sidewalks, social media feeds, neighborhood balconies and streets, TV, and internet. It’s not the virus; it’s art. People of all ages around the world are creating sidewalk art; giving free concerts on social media; spontaneously playing music from balconies and on empty streets; and enjoying replays on TV and the internet of famous ballets, operas and Broadway musicals. All of this is in an effort to uplift spirits and connect people during a time of physical distancing.

Woven through life and faith

Anthropologists have long known the importance of art in cultures. From vases skillfully crafted to contain oils for cooking, to highly stylized weaponry using metalworks, to intricate mosaics to adorn places of worship, to ancient pictographs to tell stories, and to monuments to house spirits of the dead — all cultures have woven forms of art into their daily living and annual festivals. The use of religious song, dance and other arts are prevalent in all ancient texts, including the Christian Bible. The Bible refers to early altars of stone for worship, includes books of poetry and songs, recounts the materials and artistry used to adorn the temple in Jerusalem and describes the incredible beauty of John’s vision of heaven. 


Like faith, art can be healing. Whether we write, paint, create music, do photography, dance, sew, design buildings or interiors, or do any other type of art, we are expressing parts of ourselves. During a time of physical distancing, we still can connect powerfully with God and with one another. We can share prayer time, our emotions, our creativity and our love for one another and the world. Putting our own creativity into the world will look different for everyone. But our poetry, music, dance, prose, paintings, mosaics, collages (or any art forms we choose) are not only therapeutic for us, but also can inspire others. 

Question of the day: How has your appreciation for, or participation in, the arts changed during physical distancing or quarantine?
Focal scriptures: Genesis 28:10-22; Psalm 96; Luke 17:11-19

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