Tree of Life

May 29th, 2011
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For the first time in Haiti’s 207 years of independence, the office of president, and all the power therein, has passed peacefully from one elected president to another from an opposing party. Earlier this month Michel Martelly was inaugurated as president of Haiti. This could be the first step in the healing that is needed for the land, the country, and the people of Haiti. He reiterated his pledge to make public education available for all of Haiti’s children and begin to reestablish Haiti’s agriculture to entice people to leave the slums and return to their villages. Of course, he will also have deal with the tens of thousands of displaced persons still living in tents sixteen months after the earthquake, not to mention the tons of rubble that are still, literally, piled on entire neighborhoods in the capital of Port-au-Prince.

President Martelly’s plans are ambitious and must soon face the challenge of the established government machinery as he attempts to fulfill his campaign promises. He must not only impress his people, but the people of the world as investors wait to see if the promises will bear fruit. John’s vision of “the tree of life” would sure be a welcome addition to the situation in Haiti, especially the leaves that “are for the healing of the nations” (Revelation 22:2). After so much suffering during and after the earthquake, the people of Haiti need to see true progress, not another dictatorship or military coup. Pray for the new president of Haiti, pray that the Haitian parliament will see how great the need is and will quickly pass the needed legislation. Most of all, pray for the people of Haiti that they may receive the healing they need so badly.

  1. Is your class/group helping the people of Haiti? Look for ways to reach out to them, as their need is still great.
  2. What other nations need healing? What type of healing do they need? What type of healing does our nation need?
  3. Could you share a time that you were so overwhelmed by the power of God that you did not know how to react? John just fell to the ground and worshiped (Revelation 22:8). What did you do?


Reverend Lou Hornberger is the pastor of Salem United Methodist Church in Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania.

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