What the Animals Made Known (Children's skit)

November 13th, 2011
Image © by David Masters | Flickr | Used under Creative Commons license.

This short skit can be planned with minimal prep time.
The Narrator speaks the words in brackets [ ].

Narrator: Once upon a time there was a little bird-a lonely little bird-a frightened little bird.
(Little Bird comes on stage.)
Little Bird sometimes flew far and wide, but mostly Little Bird circled a small territory, always alone and just looking for food.
(Little Bird moves slowly and sighs.)
The territory included an ordinary stable, rather dull and colorless. But sometimes there would be a bit of grain or a crumb from a stable boy's lunch. Little Bird circled. Little Bird ate. Little Bird slept. But Little Bird never sang.
(Little Bird pantomimes eating and sleeping.)
Then one night as Little Bird flew over the stable, she noticed something wondrous. She flew closer. Warmth and light radiated from the stable.
(Little Bird moves closer to the stable.)

Little Bird: What has happened here?

Narrator: The air was filled with gentleness and love. The stable creatures tried to answer Little Bird's question.

Donkey: It was a long, tiring journey. There were rough roads, steep hills, and the weight of a weary mother.
[But the donkey's words sounded like:]
"Clop-Clop-Good News-Good News."

Ox: Mary and Joseph were turned away from the crowded inn, so they came to stay in this stable. During the night, Mary gave birth.
[But swaying and stomping, the ox sounded like:] "Marvel-Marvel-Marvelous."

Bees: People have waited for hundreds of years for a Savior to be born, someone to show what God is like. [But they could only hum:] "The Lord has comemmmm."

Sheep: The newborn baby was wrapped in bands of cloth. Then he was gently laid in our manger.
[But the sheep could only bleat:] "Blessed-Blessed."

Lightning Bugs: The sky was filled with angels.
[But the lightning bugs could only flicker:] "Glory-Glory-Glory."

Rooster: The baby would be the Savior of the world.
[But the rooster could only crow:] "Do-doodle-do. He comes for you."

Narrator: Each animal, in its own way and with its own voice, told a part of the Christmas story.
(All the animals make their sounds at the same time.)
Little Bird understood, but when she opened her throat to join in, there was no song.

Little Bird: Why can't I sing? Why can't I join in?

Narrator: A wise old owl near the stable roof sensed Little Bird's desire to sing.

Owl: Who-o-o could sing? You can only sing about someone or something that you love. Who-o-om do you love?

Little Bird: Love? What is love?
(looking around)
But there is something special in this stable. I feel it. It must be love. Rejoice!

Narrator: Little Bird's throat opened in glorious song. Her music flooded the rafters. After that miraculous night Little Bird flew far and wide, singing about the Savior's birth.

(Sing Stanzas 1 and 3 of ''Love Came Down at Christmas" words by Christina G. Rossetti, 1885)

Watch a video of Jars Of Clay's version

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