Be Like a Dandelion (Matthew 5:13-16)

March 6th, 2012
Image © by Per Jensen | Flickr | Used under Creative Commons license.

Object: Dandelions or a picture of dandelions
Matthew 5:13-16
Theme: Christians Can "Pop Up" Like Dandelions

Where I live, we are beginning to see signs of springtime. Spring is a very beautiful time of year. The trees are growing leaves. Some flowers are blooming. And the grass is getting green.

In our front yard, the grass is a nice shade of green, but there are little yellow flowers popping up all over our front lawn. Do you know what kind of flower I'm talking about? (show dandelion)

Have you ever picked a bouquet of dandelions for your mom? This time of year, it seems as though dandelions are all over the place.

Some people try to get rid of the dandelions in their yard. They dig out and try to kill the root.

But you know what? Those dandelions are really stubborn. They not only want to stay where they are growing, but they like to grow other places too.

Dandelions aren't cared for like we care for other flowers, but they keep growing. They will grow just about anywhere. We see those little yellow happy flowers all over the place.

Maybe we as Christians should be more like dandelions. Without being asked or prodded, we can pop up like dandelions in places where we can be helpful and true like Jesus was. And you just can't get rid of us!

When you are honest, or helpful, or kind, you are a Christian popping up like a dandelion. Try to find a place to be a dandelion today.

Let's pray

Dear God, there are many places where we can show by our actions that we believe in you. Guide us, God, and show us where we can be dandelions. Amen.


Excerpt from:  Little Stories for Children written by Donna Mckee Rhodes

This book is included in the Ministry Matters Premium Subscription

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