The trouble with the truth

How should we balance truth and grace? Shane Raynor interviews Rob Renfroe, president of Good News, a national organization committed to the doctrinal integrity and spiritual renewal of the United Methodist Church. Rob is the author of "The Trouble with the Truth."

Show notes

1:08 Why do you think the church, especially in recent years, has seemed to pit truth and grace against each other?

3:42 How did Jesus balance grace and truth, and how is Jesus the model for how we do this in the church?

5:35 You've said that most congregations tend to lean too far one way or the other. Why do you think that's the case?

8:09 You've said you tend to lean to the grace side of the spectrum...

10:33 You told a story  about a guy named Roger who came to an InterVarsity meeting when you were in college. Tell us about him.

12:52 Why is truth so important to spiritual and emotional growth?

14:18 You said, "Sometimes I wish I'd never read the New Testament, and I wish people in my church had never read it either." What did you mean by that?

18:47 Let's talk about the shift in worldviews in our culture over the last few decades. Whose fault is that? Should the church take the blame? Should the academy take the blame?

26:56 What do you do when you're trying to talk to someone about objective truth and you feel like they're running a completely different operating system than you? Where's the starting point?

35:43 Why do traditionalists seem to be losing the debate on sexuality in the culture at large? Don't progressives make a compelling argument? Or do they just have better PR than conservatives?

41:03 Regarding schism in the United Methodist Church, do you see a scenario where the UMC can stay together? Should the church stay together?

47:19 What's one of the biggest misconceptions people have about Good News?

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