Vacation Bible School Ideas

March 10th, 2011

Vacation Bible school has been around for a long time as a traditional summer program. Most publishers pack creative thematic activities into their VBS curriculum. Even so, a few changes may be necessary to fit the needs of your community. Even substituting the word “camp” for “school” is fun.

Assemble a leadership team. Each member of the team can share the responsibilities of the program.

Some churches create their own thematic approach. Our church used a “Fifties” theme for “Peter and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Bible Show” and a country theme with “Joseph and the Technicolor Overalls.”

A talented storyteller or a small troupe of actors can present the Bible story with dramatic flair. Link the music with meaningful motions. Secure a quality CD player for the week to enhance the background music.

Charging a registration fee may allow you to provide each child with a T-shirt or economical backpack imprinted with the name of your church and the program theme. Your Children’s Ministry will be advertised each time a child wears the item.

Churches in smaller communities have joined forces for a dynamic summer program. A leader from each participating church takes responsibility for one component of the week. If none of the church buildings in your community are large enough to host the children, then a city park and pavilion may be an ideal setting.

Consider offering the program in the evening so working parents can participate as volunteers. A Backyard Club format is effective in some communities. Transportation challenges are eliminated and children whose parents do not value attendance at a church event may allow them to visit a neighbor’s club. Screening volunteers and adequately staffing each club is required to reduce child safety risks. Hosting a final club at the church building is one way to introduce nonreligious families to the church. A pizza dinner or dessert with highlights of the games, stories, and songs can be a fun, nonthreatening family event.

Adapted from Children's Ministry Copyright © 2006 Abingdon Press

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