Rescued from darkness

July 25th, 2018

It’s the stuff of nightmares: darkness, rising water, narrow passages, lack of oxygen, and fear. Twelve members of the Wild Boars soccer team and their coach became trapped in a cave on Saturday, June 23. On Monday, July 2, the boys and coach were discovered 4 kilometers inside the cave on a rocky ledge by British divers. Although there was enormous relief when the coach and team were found, the rescue efforts would be precarious and dangerous. Sadly, on Friday, July 6, a former Thai Navy SEAL died while attempting to transport oxygen to the coach and team.

Answered prayers

People all over the world were praying that all the boys and their coach would be rescued safely. However, before the rescue effort could begin, the boys had to be taught by experts to use scuba gear. Then each boy was accompanied by two divers and had to squeeze through narrow, flooded passage ways. Each trip out of the cave took hours. On Sunday, July 8, four of the boys were rescued from the cave and by Tuesday, July 10, all twelve boys and their coach had been successfully rescued. Prayers were answered!

Jesus paid the ransom

The fall of humanity lurched the world God declared as “very good” into a state of darkness and depravity due to sin. God promised a Savior, but no human could come to the rescue because each human was held hostage by the darkness of sin. Hope began to wane that rescue was possible. Paul writes in a letter to the Galatians that when the fulfillment of time came, God sent God’s Son to rescue us from the darkness of sin (4:4). Jesus paid the ransom for our freedom by his death and resurrection. Those of us who have been rescued from darkness must live as witnesses to the light of salvation available through Jesus the Christ.

Question of the day: What does salvation mean to you?
Focal scriptures: Zechariah 9:9; John 3:14-17; Ephesians 1:7-10

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