Helping your kids stay focused in February

January 31st, 2019

February is synonymous with the celebration of Valentine’s Day. For some, this holiday is a time of romance and gifts. For others, it is a time of rejection and loneliness, despite the glowing depictions on the Hallmark Channel. Whether on TV or in music, our children, even in elementary school, are inundated with the message that in order to be valuable they must have a boyfriend or girlfriend.  How do we help our kids stay focused on what really matters?  

As caring adults in their world, it is imperative that we counterbalance the hype they are hearing through social and other media. Here are three truths we must communicate on a regular and ongoing basis.

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  1. Learn who you are. You are a masterpiece! The K-12 years are a wonderful time of discovering what makes you uniquely you. Explore different interests and find out what you like to do best, from sports to arts to service.
  2. Dedicate this time to your faith, academics, and other interests. Your development as a healthy and well-rounded person is your first priority. You have plenty of time in life for romance. There is no rush.
  3. Focus on friendship. In order to be a good boyfriend or girlfriend—or one day a husband or wife in the future—you must first learn how to be a friend.  So enjoy friendships! Doing so will increase your relationship skills, such as thinking of others, listening and communicating. 

Most importantly, we must remind our children that they are people of incredible worth. Assuring them that they are seen, known, valued, and loved for who they are will help keep them grounded.

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