The return of our King

May 21st, 2019

Superhero fans have flocked to theaters to learn how the Avengers: Infinity Series ends in the number-one-rated box-office opening film of all time! Avengers: Endgame raked in over two billion dollars within just eleven days of its opening. The film is an epic conclusion that follows 22 other Marvel movies over the span of 11 years. Avengers: Endgame picked up after Marvel’s Infinity War, the installment that left viewers with an ending in which evil won. Fans anxiously awaited Endgame in hopes that evil would be defeated once and for all.

Endgame, end times

There’s something exciting about such a grand culmination of stories told over a long period of time. Some Christians view the Book of Revelation as the endgame to the biblical narrative, since it refers to a final battle of good and evil. Other people pore over the book trying to figure out the details and timing of when and how the world will end. 

Revelation is not meant to be used as a text to decode in order to predict the future. Instead, it was written to bring hope to Christians being persecuted by the Romans. Often references of what appears to be the end times in Scripture were written to offer hope to Christ-followers currently suffering.

People of hope

We may not know the details of when or how our Christian story will end, but we know that good will prevail. God’s coming kingdom promises to overcome all evil once and for all. However, we still have work to do here on earth while we are waiting. God invites us to bring the light and hope of Jesus to those suffering in the present time. We are called to live as people who share peace and love in a world that’s full of chaos and misery. The Lord invites us to be part of God’s restoration process by turning away from evil and following the example lived out by Jesus!

Question of the day: When is a time you witnessed victory in what felt like a hopeless situation?
Focal scriptures: Revelation 19:6-16; John 16:20-33; Revelation 22:12; Mark 13:24-37

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