The Death of Moses

by Storyteller's Companion to the Bible
Deuteronomy 34:1-12 Moses dies in good health at the age of one hundred twenty, and Joshua assumes leadership. The Story Moses went up from the lowlands of Moab and Mount Nebo, … read more

3 Finance Classes for Churches

by Lindsey Foster Stringer
$10,502,605 and counting. That’s how much money participants in the The Great Recovery have paid off in debt or added to savings since the kickoff on July 21. Dave Ramsey… read more


by Len Wilson
I’m currently reading my friend Gary Molander‘s new book Pursuing Christ. Creating Art. It could alternately be titled Devotions for Right-Brained People. It names all … read more

Starting New Classes

by Allan R. Bevere
It can be very difficult to start a new Sunday school class in many churches. Unless the Sunday school is bursting at the seams, most folks in the church do not see the need to… read more

Establishing Group Guidelines

by John Schroeder
The facilitator or group should make a firm decision about whether the group will be open or closed. This decision creates guidelines for group members wanting to bring a friend… read more

What about Working Moms?

by Jessica Miller Kelley
While visiting my parents this past weekend, I had the opportunity to worship at my home church (which I've gushed about before) and something in the bulletin caught my eye:… read more
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