by Mike Slaughter
The Session 3 video from Change the World: Recovering the Message and Mission of Jesus (A Study for Small Groups). read more

Called to Presence

by Betsy Hall
I got a chance to catch up with Marie King, a nurse, chaplain, and deacon, to ask her about her career and calling. Marie, tell us about your call to ministry.Marie: I felt… read more

Experiencing Sabbath

by Charles E. Bowie
There are several debates concerning the Sabbath with respect to days; namely, is the seventh day Sabbath, Saturday, or Sunday? Such a debate is not the concern here. What I am… read more

It's Not Something You Do

by Joseph Yoo
I recently got an email from an apologetic parent saying that their child no longer wants to do youth. I wasn’t offended, nor did I feel like it was a reflection on me as… read more

Countercultural Thinking

by Jan Turrentine
The true value of a story lies in its effectiveness in presenting people dealing with life’s universal issues and struggles. People of faith naturally view these… read more

Emotional Genius

by Buzz Stevens
I often felt inferior around my father-in-law, a brilliant professor with a Cal Tech degree, who was in on the ground floor of the emergence of computers at UCLA. He was a member… read more
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