God's Will

by Dirk deVries
We do God's willwhen we breathe justice     compassion     love.Such ways of beingmay pioneer divergent paths,but converge at the same destination. God's will … read more

Free Speech

by Jim Hawkins
A Church, A Funeral, and a Supreme Court Decision “Preserving a cherished right isn’t always pretty,” writes Sean Gregory of Time magazine. A recent Supreme… read more

What's the Problem?

by Missy Buchanan
Walk through the halls of a suburban church on Sunday morning and you will get an idea of the challenge facing churches both large and small. Couples and singles in their fifties… read more

Max on Leadership

by Jessica Miller Kelley
Prolific author and pastor Max Lucado has inspired millions with his writing. In his latest book, Max on Life: Answers and Insights to Your Most Important Questions, Max responds… read more

Change in the Middle East

by Jeanne Torrence Finley
Protests in the Arab World The ongoing saga of upheaval in North Africa and the Middle East raises questions for us about how God works in the world and how our actions can… read more

Brandon Davies and Grace

by Josh Tinley
Earlier this year, Brigham Young University—the most prominent institution affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and home of the Brigham Young… read more
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