Tree of Life

by Lou Hornberger
For the first time in Haiti’s 207 years of independence, the office of president, and all the power therein, has passed peacefully from one elected president to another from … read more

Refusing to Let Challenges Hinder Growth

by Betsy Hall
Dave Stambaugh, Pastoral Associate at Hollywood United Methodist Church, is responsible for spiritual formation, adult education, membership, pastoral care, and small groups. He… read more

Leading a Small Group Bible Study

by Ministry Matters
 People often ­­­­­view the Bible as a maze of obscure people, places, and events from centuries ago and struggle to relate it to their daily lives. What… read more


by Jan Turrentine
Mistakes, popular wisdom tells us, are not a bad thing at all. We should actually relish them, we are told, because from them we can learn and grow. They are “stepping… read more

Constructive Criticism

by Shane Raynor
The six years I spent as an urban youth worker really helped shape some of my views on how to do ministry. One thing I’ve become increasingly aware of is the fact that lots… read more

All Things New

by Lou Hornberger
Revelation 21:1-8Earlier this month the state of Israel celebrated its 63rd Independence Day with widespread festivities. The Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, along with… read more
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