Hospitable Rooms for Adult Groups

by Delia Halverson
Most churches put an emphasis on classrooms for children and youth and ignore the adults. The attitude is “They can take care of themselves.” And many adult classes do … read more

In Tune with God

by Sue Mink
Psalm 119 is by far the longest psalm. It runs an epic 176 verses, arranged acrostically; that is, each eight-line section begins with a letter following the order of the Hebrew… read more

Return to Obedience

by Lou Hornberger
Judges 10:10-18 John Corapi enlisted in the US Army with the goal of becoming a Green Beret, but a training injury apparently ended that dream. Later he became an extremely… read more

Confessions of a Hypocrite

by Maurilio Amorim
Sometimes I feel like a hypocrite. I know that sounds harsh, but it’s quite descriptive of my feelings. I’ve felt that way since my early professional days as a… read more

How to Wrestle God (and Win)

by Shane Raynor
If you’re going to wrestle with God, you may as well put up a good fight. That’s what Jacob did in Genesis 32. And it’s one of those mysterious passages in the… read more

Why Nazareth?

by Adam Hamilton
The Christmas story begins in the town of Nazareth nine months before the birth of Jesus. Now, if any narrative ever cried out for attention to detail it is this one, so… read more
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