Christmas is Not Your Birthday: Sermon Series

by Mike Slaughter
I stood before our congregation in the fall of 2004 and said, “I want you to have a slim Christmas this year . . . and whatever you spend on your family, bring an equal… read more

Celebrate Pastors in Recovery

by Betsy Hall
Celebrate Recovery (CR) is a Christ-centered recovery program that began twenty years ago through Saddleback Church. Today, over 700,000 people have gone through the CR program in … read more

Not Just a Tree

by Betsy Hall
One of the highlights for me during the Advent season is the Chrismon Tree. A Chrismon Tree is an evergreen tree decorated with chrismons, or Christ-monograms. Chrismons are… read more

Let God Rule

by Lou Hornberger
Judges 7:2-4, 13-15; 8:22-25 Earlier this month the Shuttle Atlantis launched for the final mission of the Space Transportation System, better known as the Space Shuttle… read more

Aging and Faith Podcast

by Missy Buchanan
Author Leigh Lowden knows what it is to have your life changed by an 87 year-old Alzheimers patient. Tune in to hear her story and discover God in unlikely situations. Missy… read more

Review: On the Road with Jesus

by Eric Van Meter
In his latest small-group curriculum offering, Ben Witherington III invites participants to travel with Jesus through the early stages of his ministry. Each of the four sessions… read more
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